Source code for optuna.trial._state

import enum

[docs]class TrialState(enum.IntEnum): """State of a :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial`. Attributes: RUNNING: The :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` is running. WAITING: The :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` is waiting and unfinished. COMPLETE: The :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` has been finished without any error. PRUNED: The :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` has been pruned with :class:`~optuna.exceptions.TrialPruned`. FAIL: The :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` has failed due to an uncaught error. """ RUNNING = 0 COMPLETE = 1 PRUNED = 2 FAIL = 3 WAITING = 4 def __repr__(self) -> str: return str(self)
[docs] def is_finished(self) -> bool: """Return a bool value to represent whether the trial state is unfinished or not. The unfinished state is either ``RUNNING`` or ``WAITING``. """ return self != TrialState.RUNNING and self != TrialState.WAITING