Source code for optuna.samplers.nsgaii._crossovers._uniform

import numpy as np

from optuna.samplers.nsgaii._crossovers._base import BaseCrossover
from import Study

[docs]class UniformCrossover(BaseCrossover): """Uniform Crossover operation used by :class:`~optuna.samplers.NSGAIISampler`. Select each parameter with equal probability from the two parent individuals. For further information about uniform crossover, please refer to the following paper: - `Gilbert Syswerda. 1989. Uniform Crossover in Genetic Algorithms. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Genetic Algorithms. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA, 2-9. <>`_ Args: swapping_prob: Probability of swapping each parameter of the parents during crossover. """ n_parents = 2 def __init__(self, swapping_prob: float = 0.5) -> None: self._swapping_prob = swapping_prob
[docs] def crossover( self, parents_params: np.ndarray, rng: np.random.RandomState, study: Study, search_space_bounds: np.ndarray, ) -> np.ndarray: # # Section 1 Introduction n_params = len(search_space_bounds) masks = (rng.rand(n_params) >= self._swapping_prob).astype(int) child_params = parents_params[masks, range(n_params)] return child_params