optuna.multi_objective.study.load_study(study_name: str, storage: Union[str, optuna.storages._base.BaseStorage], sampler: Optional[multi_objective.samplers.BaseMultiObjectiveSampler] = None) → multi_objective.study.MultiObjectiveStudy[source]

Load the existing MultiObjectiveStudy that has the specified name.

  • study_name – Study’s name. Each study has a unique name as an identifier.

  • storage – Database URL such as sqlite:///example.db. Please see also the documentation of create_study() for further details.

  • sampler – A sampler object that implements background algorithm for value suggestion. If None is specified, RandomMultiObjectiveSampler is used as the default. See also samplers.


A MultiObjectiveStudy object.


Added in v1.4.0 as an experimental feature. The interface may change in newer versions without prior notice. See https://github.com/optuna/optuna/releases/tag/v1.4.0.