Source code for optuna.pruners.percentile

import math
import numpy as np

from optuna.pruners import BasePruner
from optuna import structs
from optuna import type_checking

if type_checking.TYPE_CHECKING:
    from typing import List  # NOQA

    from import Study  # NOQA

def _get_best_intermediate_result_over_steps(trial, direction):
    # type: (structs.FrozenTrial, structs.StudyDirection) -> float

    values = np.array(list(trial.intermediate_values.values()), np.float)
    if direction == structs.StudyDirection.MAXIMIZE:
        return np.nanmax(values)
    return np.nanmin(values)

def _get_percentile_intermediate_result_over_trials(all_trials, direction, step, percentile):
    # type: (List[structs.FrozenTrial], structs.StudyDirection, int, float) -> float

    completed_trials = [t for t in all_trials if t.state == structs.TrialState.COMPLETE]

    if len(completed_trials) == 0:
        raise ValueError("No trials have been completed.")

    if direction == structs.StudyDirection.MAXIMIZE:
        percentile = 100 - percentile

    return float(
                for t in completed_trials if step in t.intermediate_values
            ], np.float),

[docs]class PercentilePruner(BasePruner): """Pruner to keep the specified percentile of the trials. Prune if the best intermediate value is in the bottom percentile among trials at the same step. Example: .. code:: >>> from optuna import create_study >>> from optuna.pruners import PercentilePruner >>> >>> def objective(trial): >>> ... >>> >>> study = create_study(pruner=PercentilePruner(25.0)) >>> study.optimize(objective) Args: percentile: Percentile which must be between 0 and 100 inclusive (e.g., When given 25.0, top of 25th percentile trials are kept). n_startup_trials: Pruning is disabled until the given number of trials finish in the same study. n_warmup_steps: Pruning is disabled until the trial reaches the given number of step. """ def __init__(self, percentile, n_startup_trials=5, n_warmup_steps=0): # type: (float, int, int) -> None self.percentile = percentile self.n_startup_trials = n_startup_trials self.n_warmup_steps = n_warmup_steps def prune(self, study, trial): # type: (Study, structs.FrozenTrial) -> bool """Please consult the documentation for :func:`BasePruner.prune`.""" all_trials = study.trials n_trials = len([t for t in all_trials if t.state == structs.TrialState.COMPLETE]) if n_trials == 0: return False if n_trials < self.n_startup_trials: return False step = trial.last_step if step is None: return False if step <= self.n_warmup_steps: return False if len(trial.intermediate_values) == 0: return False direction = study.direction best_intermediate_result = _get_best_intermediate_result_over_steps(trial, direction) if math.isnan(best_intermediate_result): return True p = _get_percentile_intermediate_result_over_trials( all_trials, direction, step, self.percentile) if math.isnan(p): return False if direction == structs.StudyDirection.MAXIMIZE: return best_intermediate_result < p return best_intermediate_result > p