Source code for optuna.exceptions

[docs]class OptunaError(Exception): """Base class for Optuna specific errors.""" pass
[docs]class TrialPruned(OptunaError): """Exception for pruned trials. This error tells a trainer that the current :class:`~optuna.trial.Trial` was pruned. It is supposed to be raised after :func:`optuna.trial.Trial.should_prune` as shown in the following example. Example: .. code:: >>> def objective(trial): >>> ... >>> for step in range(n_train_iter): >>> ... >>> if trial.should_prune(): >>> raise TrailPruned() """ pass
[docs]class CLIUsageError(OptunaError): """Exception for CLI. CLI raises this exception when it receives invalid configuration. """ pass
[docs]class StorageInternalError(OptunaError): """Exception for storage operation. This error is raised when an operation failed in backend DB of storage. """ pass
[docs]class DuplicatedStudyError(OptunaError): """Exception for a duplicated study name. This error is raised when a specified study name already exists in the storage. """ pass
class ExperimentalWarning(Warning): """Experimental Warning class. This implementation exists here because the policy of `FutureWarning` has been changed since Python 3.7 was released. See the details in """ pass